The 3-Star Airline rating signifies a satisfactory standard of core Product for most travel categories (ie. cabin of travel), but it also reflects some inconsistency amongst either standards of front-line Staff Service or Product delivery for the Cabin Service and their home-base Airport environments.

Aircraft Seat Pitch Seat Width Seat Angle Seats Configuration Internet
Airbus A343-300 137 cm 53 cm 165 ° Sitzposition2 12-44 2-2-2
Boeing 777-300ER 198 cm 50 cm 165 °  Sitzposition2 42 2-3-2

Airport Lounges

Manila and Domestic Stations

Bacolod-Silay Airport

The Mabuhay lounge in the new Bacolod-Silay airport.  The new lounge boasts of a “modern-minded classic interior”, made famous by Ivy and Cynthia Almario of Ateleir Almario. The lounge adapts a clean, simple and functional design with subdued color scheme.

The lounge, PAL’s sixth in a domestic airport after those in Manila, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo and General Santos, measures around 80 square meters and is equipped with amenities such as business center with internet access.

Iloilo Airport 

The lounge, PAL’s fifth in a domestic airport after those in Manila, Cebu, Davao and General Santos, measures around 150 square meters and is equipped with amenities such as business center with internet access and a 32-inch plasma-screen television provided by LG Collins.

The Mabuhay lounge boasts of a “modern-minded classic interior”, made famous by Ivy and Cynthia Almario of Ateleir Almario. The lounge adapts a clean, simple and functional design with subdued color scheme.

NAIA Centennial Terminal 2 and Cebu’s Mactan International Airport

Philippine Airlines’ Domestic Mabuhay Lounge at NAIA Centennial Terminal 2 and the Mabuhay Lounge at Cebu’s Mactan International Airport have been redesigned and refurbished to cater to the tastes of the modern, global business travellers.

Our Mabuhay (Business) Class, Mabuhay Miles Elite and Premier Elite members may enjoy the additional comfort and amenities at the “Mabuhay Lounge” where they can relax, and, as what we mean by “Mabuhay”, “live well” before boarding the flight.

The Mabuhay Lounge comes equipped with some of the most useful amenities for business travellers.  It has a business center with telephones, fax machine and personal computers with free, unlimited Internet access. Also, 8 new computers have been added to the list of the existing units.

It boasts unlimited use of Wi-Fi  (wireless broadband connectivity) Internet access for patrons bringing their own laptop computers.  This connectivity is available from the first flight up to the last flight.

There is a buffet of light meals and refreshments to enjoy.  Passengers can also perk themselves up with a quick massage service.

For those who prefer to sit back and relax, they can watch movies and T.V. programs on the 42-inch plasma-screen T.V.

Lounge facilities and amenities may vary at different stations. 

Special Services

  • Priority check-in areas
  • Priority baggage drop off
  • Accelerated security and passport clearance
  • Priority boarding
  • Priority baggage handling

Manila Naia Apt (MNL)

Terminal Seating
Terminal Cleanliness
Queuing Times

Cebu Mactan Apt (CEB)

Terminal Seating
Terminal Cleanliness
Queuing Times

Clark Int Apt (CRK)

Terminal Seating
Terminal Cleanliness
Queuing Times

At a glance

The Business class seats of A343-300 & B777-300ER are adjustable to a variety of the positions at the passenger’s option.  The seat may  recline with a 15 degree angle (Chaiselongue position).  It is outfitted with a 15.4 in. seat-back mounted and 10.6in in-arm  touch-screen personal television which allows the passengers to program controls with memory.   Each seat is equipped with individual “goose neck” reading lights, laptop charging port and USB port for passengers to listen to their personal mp3 collection or view photos and PDF files.

Business Class seats are outfitted in plush, deep-blue upholstery accented with touches of silvery-copper threads that simulate reflections of light on water.

Entertainment on Board

Everything to keep you entertained.

Inflight Entertainment System

The entire cabin of the new B777-300ERs is equipped with Panasonic eX2 Inflight Entertainment System. This is a fully digital inflight entertainment system that enables Economy Class passengers to choose from a full-library of video and audio content.  Each passenger seat is outfited with personal TV and Audio/Video On-Demand AVOD feature.

Each seat is outfitted with personal TV, 9-inch seatback-mounted monitors and in-arm monitors, with AVOD (Audio Video on Demand) feature that will enable passengers to start, pause, rewind, and fast-forward any of the video programs at any time using the touch-screen controls or the passenger control units.

The AVOD system gives passengers a wide range of digital on-demand entertainment options – they can individually select from a variety of digital games and entertainment programs anytime.

The selections includes 18 of the latest Hollywood movies, a Filipino film, 8 popular TV programs, 12 radio channels and a selection of CD albums.

Each passenger can also create his own audio playlist from the collection of CD albums.  On-screen instructions are available in English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Only on selected international flights:

myPAL eSuite

For the first time ever, you’ll wish your flight was longer.
Choose from up to 300 hours of the latest movies, TV shows,
music and games – all free from your seat.

myPAL Player


Everything to keep you entertained, in the palm of your hand.
Our free all-in-one travel entertainment app lets you stream
our extensive global collection of movies, TV shows, and music
in the comfort of your own device.

myPAL Wi-fi


Stay online while on board. Now, you can surf the net or browse your
social media accounts even when you’re thousands of feet above the ground.

myPAL Mobile


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With myPAL Mobile, you can catch up with friends, keep in touch with family,
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Food and Beverage

A sumptuous selection of Western, Filipino and Japanese Kaiseki dishes is available on particular routes, prepared to the exacting standards of our airline food experts.  Well-known culinary personalities are regularly invited as guest chefs in our Food Festivals in the Sky.

Special Meals


Our Business Class international passengers may choose from a wide selection of inflight beverages:

Non-alcoholic beverages:

  • Fruit Juices
  • Iced Tea
  • Soft Drinks
  • Coffee or Tea

Alcoholic beverages:

  • Champagne
  • Aperitifs
  • Cocktails
  • Red Wine
  • White Wine
  • Scotch Whiskey
  • Gin
  • Vodka
  • Rum
  • Cognac
  • Liqueurs
  • Beer
  • Sake (for Japan flights)