The 3-Star Airline rating signifies a satisfactory standard of core Product for most travel categories (ie. cabin of travel), but it also reflects some inconsistency amongst either standards of front-line Staff Service or Product delivery for the Cabin Service and their home-base Airport environments.

Aircraft Seat Pitch Seat Width Seat Angle Seats Configuration Internet
Boeing 777-300ER 196 cm 79 cm 180 °  Sitzposition3 28 2-3-2
Boeing 787-8 190 cm 78 cm 180 °  Sitzposition3 30 2-2-2

Airport Lounges.

Like the idea of waiting for your flight in style? Enjoy our award winning lounges today!

Kenya Airways’ New Lounges

Kenya Airways is proud to have opened its state of the art lounges at terminal 1A second floor. The two lounges have a total capacity of 315 guests. The lounges designed with the African landscapes in mind, promise to provide comfort and exclusivity in a serene ambiance. The spacious lounges, were conceptualized after a customer research done to establish the exact flyer needs.

Your lounge journey begins with a picturesque mural of a rain forest, with a caption of one of our very own forest: Kakamega forest located in Western Kenya.

We commissioned two photographers to capture these stunning scenic pieces that emblazoned each space.

As you walk through the Business Experience Center you encounter the lushness of the rain forest with green tones of the leaves and grey tones of the earth. The experience center is not just aesthetically pleasing but also functional to cater for the business traveler with counters fitted with the latest Samsung tabs, and an alcove seating fitted with universal sockets, fully complimented with high speed Wi-Fi.

You then proceed through to the formal lounge with a transition from the rain forest to the coastal landscape with the introduction of purple and blue tones. This is exemplified in the fabrics on the Giada Lounger Seat, a designer seat, from Italy’s La Palma. In the dining area, we find the more formal seating arrangement and some playful banquette seating for those travelling in groups interested in seating together. In the coastal area, you encounter the sand, which is brought out in the textured walls, the tabletops and the choice of floor tiles. The most amazing feature of this area is the honeycomb ceiling which introduces a touch of contemporary styled geometric shapes. The coastal theme is further enhanced by the blue and azure colors on the fabrics, the baskets on the walls reminiscent of the coast and the coral finish on the walls.

The informal seating area is a continuation of the Savannah theme and is designed for the passenger who enjoys some peace and quiet. This is the only area that does not have a TV screen. Complete with its own snack bar, it offers serenity for those who probably just want to catch some light reading or relax with a drink.

The napping area introduces us to the desert theme with the dune shapes on the carpet and the earth shades of the sleeper beds. The partitioning is reminiscent of the swaying grass of the Savannah and the textured walls, the desert sand. The smoking room with it’s iconic “Mvule” bench is a smooth transition of the desert theme. It offers high stool seating and entertainment for our guests who would like to catch a game over a well-aged drink and their best cigar or cigarette brand.

Simba Lounge on the other end of the terminal is a celebration of the Africa heritage.

The most prominent feature in this lounge being the “melting pot”, or the “Manyatta” resonant of the Maasai hut. This iconic feature speaks of the African spirit of community and sharing: where the indigenous people would meet at the fireside chat and tell stories of yore.

As you move to the VVIP room, you realize there is an austere modernity with some light fusion of an African touch. The space is built to offer secluded privacy. Complete with fully fitted showers, the lounges promise to offer our guest a glimpse of our Africa and our true Pride as Kenya Airways.

Simba Lounge is located on the second floor a few meters from the Central Search. Pride Lounge is located at on the second floor. The guests take the lift to the second floor next to gate 17.


Pride Lounge KQ, KLM, Saudia Airlines, China Southern, Air Mauritius, Precision Air, Rwandair
Simba T1A KQ, KLM, Saudia Airlines, China Southern, Air Mauritius, Precision Air, Rwandair
Msafiri Lounge KQ and JamboJet


Special Services

Sky Priority

Would you like to enjoy a red-carpet treatment at the airport? With SkyPriority, our Flying Blue Platinum, Gold, SkyTeam Elite Plus members, and Business Class travelers can enjoy a super smooth departure, transfer and arrival at airports worldwide

Sky Priority. A VIP treatment.

With SkyPriority your journey is now more comfortable and faster.

Thanks to this new product offered by Kenya Airways, Business Class customers and all SkyTeam Elite Plus members (including Flying Blue Gold and Platinum members) will benefit from an exclusive lane from check-in till baggage delivery to destination.

If you have the SkyPriority indicator marked on your boarding pass, all you need to do is to follow the airport signage and enjoy the Sky Priority facilities:

  • Priority at Ticketing Desks
  • Priority at Check-in areas and drop-off
  • Priority at Document Control and Security
  • Priority at Transfer Desks
  • Priority Boarding
  • Priority Baggage Handling.

Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta Int Apt (NBO)

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At a glance

Stretch out and enjoy every minute of your flight in Premier World. The luxury experience is beyond words and with a Business Class price tag it’s truly worth it.

Entertainment on Board

We promise to make every flight memorable than the next

Choose from a host of new content all from the comfort of your seat. Whether you need to catch up on news or entertainment, we have it all.

With our top of the line system enjoy some fun-filled entertainment on your own personal interactive screen which is available on almost all flights.

Msafiri Magazine

MSAFIRI is our official monthly in-flight magazine, published since 2005. The magazine is distributed free of charge on all Kenya Airways flights. 

Food and Beverage

Your meal experience

Enjoy upgraded and seasonal food and beverages. Though they vary based on the distance of your flight, you’ll always enjoy tea, coffee, wine, beer and spirits. Alcoholic beverages shall only be served to persons above 21 years of age. We’ve put a huge amount of thought and energy into perfecting Premier World experience that we think you’re really going to love. With customized service and menus for our day and night flights, we make sure your journey is comfortable and memorable; whether you are on a short, medium or long haul flight.