he Certified 5-Star Airline Rating is the highest category quality ranking used to certify airline product and service standards awarded to airlines achieving the highest, overall Quality performance, this 5-Star Airline rating recognizes the highest standards of Airport and On-board Product provided by an airline to customers, together with consistent and high standards of front-line staff service across the airport and on-board service environments.

Aircraft Seat Pitch Seat Width Seat Angle Seats Configuration Internet
Airbus 330-200 155 cm 49 cm 169 °  Sitzposition2 24 2-2-2
Boeing 747-400 (Version 1) 112 cm 52 cm 136 °  Sitzposition1 16 2-2
Boeing 747-400 (Version 2) 155 cm 56 cm 169 °  Sitzposition2 2-2-2
Boeing 777-300ER 155 cm 56 cm 169 °  Sitzposition2 42 2-2-2

Airport Lounges

Taoyuan International Airport 

The Garden

With a high ceiling, bright skylights, and lush foliage, The Garden offers a relaxing getaway from the grind of business travel. Passengers can order freshly prepared traditional Taiwanese noodles or choose from among the Western and Chinese buffet offerings. The Garden also has a complete Wi-fi coverage.

The Infinity

With its twinkling ceiling lights and elegant curved walls, The Infinity is a futuristic lounge space. Here, Passengers can enjoy delicious Chinese and Western cuisine and make use of the modern, themed shower rooms. The Infinity provides power sockets at every seat and offers super-fast Wi-Fi.

The Star

Bright and spacious, The Star recreates the feeling of relaxing outdoors under the azure sky with drifting clouds. Advanced lighting recreates a romantic sunrise and sunset, while the bar offers delicious snacks and fresh coffee. Sofa-style seating is provided for intimate or group discussions. The Star features full Wi-Fi coverage and power at every seat. 

The Club

Designed with an urban skyline theme, The Club is an uncluttered, modern lounge environment where guests can relax and sample a variety of delicious Chinese and Western cold and hot dishes. Shower facilities and Wi-Fi are available.

Taipei Songshan Airport


After immigration and security check then turn left (Public VIP Lounge)

Amenities and Services –

  • Luggage-Check Room
  • Toilets
  • Lounge Guest Telephone&
  • Drinks, Snacks and Desserts
  • Magazines, Newspapers
  • Television

Note : Passengers will be charged fees to use some facilities and services.

Kaohisung  International Airport

The EVA Air VIP Lounge features contemporary design and models of vintage aircraft, the VIP lounge gives visitors a sense of flying amid clouds. In this artistic, elegant, and cozy space, EVA Air provides a wide range of freshly brewed coffee and other drinks plus delicious Chinese and Western snacks. Complimentary Wi-Fi is available throughout the lounge.

Location of VIP Lounge

after immigration turn right

Amenities and Services

  • Business center (Fax, telephone, wireless internet)
  • Snacks bar/Beverages
  • Lavatory

Note : Passengers will be charged fees to use some facilities and services.

Taichung Airport

Location of VIP Lounge

The More VIP Lounge, Located in the 3F Waiting Lounge.

Amenities and Services

  • Free Internet,
  • Wi-Fi
  • Drinks
  • Snacks
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • TV

Special Services

Exclusive check-in counter

EVA Air’s ground-service crews are skilled professionals whose abilities are in tune with passengers’ requirements. Though they have only brief contact with each passenger, the high standard of service they provide immediately becomes evident. Passengers experience smooth, fast and personalized service every time they travel because the service provided by EVA Air’s ground staff comes straight from the heart.

Priority baggage check-in

Priority Immigration and Security Lane

Priority boarding

Priority baggage claim

Taipei Taoyuan Int Apt (TPE)

Terminal Seating
Terminal Cleanliness
Queuing Times

At a glance

The Premium Laurel Class cabin, with its 2-2-2 seating arrangement, is breathtakingly huge. State-of-the-art hard-shell seats recline to an almost flat position without cramping passengers in front or behind. A generous 61~62 -inch seat pitch is made even more comfortable with fully adjustable headrests and footrests, electrically controlled lumbar support and seatbacks and added ergonomic features. Passengers feel as though they never left the comfort of their own homes.

Entertainment on Board

EVA Air’s incredible “Star Gallery” on-board entertainment program with audio/video on demand systems throughout. The advanced system features interactive games, high-fidelity noise-canceling headphones and sharp, clear 10.4-inch (A330-200 and 747-400) | 15.4-inch (A330-300) personal video screens in top cabins. Passengers operate the system with individual remote controls or touch screens to enjoy their favorite television programs, movies, music or video games. It’s an enthralling way to travel and makes flight time pass all too quickly.

Food and Beverage

Cuisines from all over the world are served up aboard EVA Air’s Premium Laurel Class, giving passengers a wide range of dishes to choose from. In addition, fine appetizers, soups, desserts and a salad bar are available exclusively in the Premium Laurel Class cabin.

For a truly memorable dining experience, great meals should be served on the finest china. EVA Air’s inflight tableware has been exclusively designed in a minimalist style to bring out the best in our inflight cuisine.

  • Lacobucci double cup coffee maker
    Freshly brewed coffee is always on hand in the Premium Laurel Class cabin
  • Drinks cooler
    Top-quality wines are chilled for your enjoyment
  • Microwave oven
    Hot snacks can be prepared in just a minute